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Our Team

People make the difference in any professional relationship, and the people we shall depute to serve you have the relevant experience and have demonstrated their ability to do the job efficiently. Their expertise and skills will ensure a responsive and value added service.

At Intime Consultants LLP, we believe in providing quality services in professional manner, efficiently, effectively and timely.To achieve this, our team members undergo regular training programmes (in house as well as organized by various Professional fora such as Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society, International Fiscal Association, Bombay Management Association, , Indian Merchant Chamber, etc.) designed to update and upgrade themselves on various developments taking place in the Professional field.

We are confident that our team will provide the Company with committed expertise and service. The quality of our service is embodied in the skills of our people. The team is committed to deliver a high standard of professional service.

In all our engagements, we strive to maintain staff continuity over time, as we believe that keeping the same people on our team over a period of time, is a key to productivity and maintaining good client relationships.

We feel that continuity of staff, especially the Assignment Engagement Head is extremely crucial. This will be maintained so that there is a central reference source in times of change and to ensure that there is a consistent reporting rapport and standard.

The assignment would be supervised by our Partner, Mrs. Anjali Kothari who will control the direction and execution of the Assignment process. He has extensive experience in taxation matters including TDS and will be able to offer his broad experience to advise on any relevant matter.

The team would be headed by our Assignment Engagement Head, Mr. Madan Suthar, Asst. Manager.

Other members of the proposed team have extensive experience in dealing with Field Investigations and dealing with Banks and Financial Institutions including MNC’s and other large size conglomerates and have excellent professional and communication skills.

Our fees are based on time expended and have regard to the level of experience of the team members concerned to be deputed for the audit and are most competitive in the market.

An effort will be made to keep our fees at a reasonable level consistent with our commitment to maintain the highest professional standards.

We are mindful of the need to carry out an economically efficient and effective value added services. Our Professional charges will be commensurate with the costs involved and the same shall be determined based on the mutual discussions with the Management.

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